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Charleston Bar Bus

Party Bus Charleston SC, a proven leader in travel and limousine services, brings the club to YOU on a Custom-Built Party Bus jam-packed with the essentials of a bar or nightclub, capped off by FOUR exclusive drinking packages to fit your preferred style and taste. Here you can sip fine cocktails on a luxurious, spacious Limo Bus with a massive stereo system and a built-in Stocked Wet Bar that you can take wherever you want within Charleston-area limits.

The Beverage Stocking Options mentioned above contain a treasure trove of adult beverages, including wine, liquor, and beer, on a portable lounge on wheels to steer clear of this virus. What better way to share a toast to the love of life against mounting uncertainty? One of the best things about this Charleston Bar Bus is that you can take these drinks with you if you can’t finish them in time. Some of the amenities we provide during this service are Cups, Napkins, Bottled Water/Ice and Snacks.

We have updated our policies, terms and conditions correlating with the rise in new cases affecting the county and state. Our entire fleet is sanitized with Clorox wipes and EPA-registered disinfectants proven to eliminate 99% of bacteria Before and After every service. Drivers are required to wear masks, gloves, and other protective gear. They must facilitate a reasonable distance from passengers during every ride; remove readables, cell phone chargers, and other frequently handled items; and improve the general comfort and safety level of our clients as we adjust to this “new normal.”


Beverage Stocking Packages:

  • Ideal for up to 10 guests with 7-9 drinks per person.

  • Pricing is as follows: $50 pp for 2 hours; $65 for 3 hours; and $80 for 4 hours of service.

  • Drink at your own pace! When your group finishes up, feel free to take leftover drinks with you. We stock premium beverages ONLY.

  • The Soda Package—containing Sprite and Coca-Cola, ginger ale, club soda and sours—is available to pair with the beverage packages listed below.

Option 1: Wine Package – 4 bottles of wine (2 red & 2 white), 2 bottles of champagne and O.J., 2 cases of Truly, lemon and lime (squeeze bottle), and Sprite and Coke (1L bottles)

Option 2: Beer Package – 3 cases of beer (domestic cans), 2 – 6 packs of local craft beers, 1 bottle of liquor (750mL), lemon and lime (squeeze bottle), and Sprite and Coke (1L bottles)

Option 3: Booze Package –1 handle (1.5L) and 1 bottle (750mL) of liquor, 2 cases of beer (domestic cans), lemon and lime (squeeze bottle), and Sprite and Coke (1L bottles)

Option 4: Do-It-Yourself – If one of our 3 packages do not fit you, no problem.  Guests can DIY with custom orders of their favorite beverages.  Amenities will include ice, bottled water, cups, and napkins.  Any beverage is subject to a stocking fee of up to 1.75X the price of that beverage.  Min. $195 order.


Practical Reasons for Booking a “Bar-On-Wheels” Right Now

Do you prefer drinking beer with cool wind in your hair and feet in the sand on a warm summer day? Or maybe enjoying a crisp glass of gin aged in the confines of a wooden oak barrel while grazing on some nearby snacks? You might even prefer the consumption of glass after glass of red or white wine while flipping through an engaging new book. Whatever it may be, Party Bus Charleston SC is primed to offer a handful of beverage stocking options that are as bold as they are colorful. The true meaning of “Carpe Diem” is found within an exclusive do-it-yourself package that places you at the helm by combining all three.

What combines perfectly with the excitement of a night out on the town in a Party Bus? Music, of course! Listening to the hottest new tunes while cruising along is sure to elevate your experience for a night you won’t soon forget. It doesn’t matter if you prefer the amazing voice of Bruno Mars or the old-timey tracks from The Cars—the vibe will be amplified as you cruise down Santa Monica Boulevard. Pair that with the electric grooves triggered by streaming strobe and limo lights that paint the vehicle’s interior all the colors of the rainbow. This environment fosters late-night comedy and group bonding that couldn’t happen anywhere else—so prepare your best skit and have a ball!

Simply put, our Party Buses provide the ultimate security blanket for you and yours no matter the end goal. Party Bus Charleston SC specializes in “opening the door” to all the magic of our city for a fairytale evening. This Charleston Bar Bus is the perfect segue into a whole host of drinking games and unforgettable memories that are as wild as they come. Want to throw in a few drive-bys through multiple Charleston-area locations? No problemo—our glimmering harbor and sandy coastlines mimic the most beautiful travel destinations in the world. When selecting Party Bus Charleston to host your next show, we know one thing’s for sure: you will escape the harsh reality for a while and truly have a night to remember.


ATTENTION: Party Bus Charleston SC/Charleston Black Cab Company reserves the right to refuse service to anyone beyond a reasonable intoxication level. This ensures the safety of our clients and drivers while all but guaranteeing full satisfaction during services rendered.